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Ten years and a few hundred million bags later.




2015 - present


Creative Direction + Product Design


It all started when two brothers, Jamie and Lyndon Cormack, saw an opportunity to create timeless products with fine regard for details. Built for everyday adventure, Herschel challenged the status quo of what it meant to be a travel brand. 

Working in sales means a lot of time on the road. When two brothers, Lyndon and Jamie, working in sales began brainstorming a brand of their own, they noticed a hole in the market for bags and travel accessories. When I was invited to help bring this brand to life, I leapt at the chance to be apart of their vision. 

The visual strategy was to have one foot planted in the timeless world of heritage and the other planted in the aspirational world of travel. The Cormack’s brand would go on to fill a huge hole in the market of travel and accessories for all walks of life. 

I created the visual identity system from the logo to colour and typography to even the original tech packs sent to factory. Since day one, working with friend and celebrated photographer, Stephen Wilde, also solidified the visual brand from the start. 


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